Can you buy vegan dog food in France?

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In 2017, the research and data agency Statistica estimated that there were 7.4 million pet dogs in France. This compares to 8.65 million in the UK, which given the similar human population sizes underlines the UK’s reputation as a nation of animal lovers. (2017: UK population 66 million; France 67 million.) With the huge number of dogs that are abandoned every year in France, it is not surprising that many English-speaking vegans in France have acquired their own pack of canine companions. I don’t want to start a debate here about the rights and wrongs of vegans sharing their homes and lives with fellow earthlings or whether or not dogs should be fed a vegan diet. No doubt, some vegans will prefer to feed their doggy pals a vegan diet, and their pals are happy with this. So, the question arises: can you buy vegan dog food in France?

Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

Can you buy vegan dog food in supermarkets?

Short answer: no. Many people buy their pets’ food in supermarkets or at suppliers like Gamm Vert or Jardiland. None of these shops sell vegan dog food. Personally, I tend to keep away from outlets like Jardiland as they sell live animals, including puppies and kittens, as do some of the other pet or animal stores. If this is something you can cope with, then the chain Animalis (20 branches) sells one brand of vegan dog croquettes. It also has an online shop. Other chain or franchise pet stores in France are Truffaut (no vegan dog food), Animal & Co (not checked), Botanic (not checked) and, said to be the largest, Maxizoo, which has 183 shops, but sells no vegan food.

What about the Bio shops?

Another option is to check out your local bio shop. I’ve noticed a lot of inconsistency here, so it’s likely to be a bit of a postcode lottery. For example, our nearest BioCoop in Saint Junien (87) sells the Yarrah range of bio dog and cat food, but only stocks the meat varieties, both wet and dry food. However, Grand Panier Bio in Limoges (87) does stock Yarrah Bio vegan dog food croquettes, treat biscuits and wet food trays. It’s the usual French story of regional ordering and franchise operators.

Widest range is online

Like many things vegan, sometimes the easiest way to get exactly what you want is to buy online and have it delivered right to your door or a relais point. and Greenweez both sell Yarrah vegan croquettes, plus from time-to-time other brands too. There’s also the online pet store Wanimo, which lists Yarrah, Schesir and Forza brands. Alternatively, you can resort to the giant online retailer Amazon, though watch the price variations. Some people report finding to be cheaper than .fr even when taking into account the delivery costs. However, the biggest range of vegan dog food is to be found at the online shop VeggiePets.

VeggiePets – an online vegan pet store

This is a UK-based business and is 100% vegan, so you’re supporting a vegan company too. They ship worldwide to 40 countries. The delivery costs to France via DPD currently start at £12.95 for 30 kilos. I’ve used the service myself, several times, and find the order usually arrives within three days! The range of food stocked by VeggiePets is huge, croquettes, wet food trays and tins, treats and biscuits, plus lots of doggie accessories. And they don’t just stock dog food but cater to other earthlings’ needs as well. Personally, having tried a few sources I’d use Veggie Pets (and this is just a genuine review, I have no financial or other interest in saying so).


*Just to add a final disclaimer: in case you were wondering, we have three earthling friends at VV HQ. Bumble, who has kindly posed for this photo. She is a 100% vegan dog. Then there’s her friend Dylan who tried vegan food but didn’t take to it, so given his great age and sad history we have not insisted. Plus, Kitty the cat – she refuses to even discuss the matter.

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