This page looks at vocabulary for common general grocery products. you can also use the search tool in the header to find a specific product or check out the pages for fruit, general groceries, nuts & seeds, oils & vinegar,and rice, cereals and pulses.

Vegetables (des legumes)

BeansLe haricot
BeetrootLa betterave
BroccoliLe broccoli
Brussels sproutsLe choux de bruxelles
Butternut squashLe courge butternut
CabbageLe chou
CarrotLa carotte
CauliflowerLe chou-fleur
CeleriacLe céléri-rave
CeleryLe céléri
CourgetteLa courgette
CucumberLe concombre
KaleLe chou-kale
LeekLe poireau
LettuceLa laitue
MarrowLa courge
MushroomsLa champignon
Special types: cepes, chanterelles, girolles
ParsnipLe panais
PeasLe pois
PeppersLes poivrons
PotatoLa pomme de terre
PumpkinLa citrouille or le potiron
ShallotsLes échalotes
SwedeLe rutabaga
Sweet potatoLes patates douces
Swiss chardLa blette
TomatoLa tomate
TurnipLe navet