This page looks at vocabulary for common herbs and spices. You can also use the search tool in the header to find a specific product or check out the pages for fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds, oils & vinegar, general groceries and rice, cereals and pulses.

AllspiceLe piment de la Jamaique (quatre-épices)
BasilLe basilic
Bay leafLe laurier
Caraway seedLe carvi
CardamomLa cardamome
Cayenne pepperLe poivre de Cayenne
ChilliLe piment
ChivesLa ciboulette
CinnamonLa cannelle
ClovesLe clou de girofle
CorianaderLa coriandre
CuminLe cumin
FennelLe fenouil
FenugreekLe fenugrec
GingerLe gingembre
LavenderLa lavande
LiquoriceLa réglisse
MarjoramLe marjolaine
MintLa menthe
MustardLa moutarde
NutmegLa muscade
PaprikaLe paprika
ParsleyLe persil
PepperLe poivre
RosemaryLe romarin
SaffronLe safran
SageLa sauge
SaltLe sel
ThymeLe thym
TurmericLe curcuma