This page looks at vocabulary for common general grocery products. you can also use the search tool in the header to find a specific product or check out the pages for fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices, oils & vinegar, general groceries and rice, cereals and pulses.

BrazilsLa noix du Brésil
CashewsLa noix de cajou
ChestnutsLa châtaigne or le marron
Chia seedsLes graines de chia
Flax or linseedsLe lin or graine de lin
HazelnutsLa noisette
PeanutsLa cachahuète or L’arachide
Pecan nutsLes noix de pecan
Pine nutsLes pignons de pin
PistachiosLa pistache
Poppy seedsLes graines de pavot
Pumpkin seedsLes graines de courge
Sesame seedsLes graines de sésame
Soya seedsLes grains de soja
Sunflower seedsLes graines de tournesol
WalnutsLa noix