This page looks at vocabulary for common general grocery products. you can also use the search tool in the header to find a specific product or check out the pages for fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds, herbs & spices, general groceries and rice, cereals and pulses.

Coconut oilL’huile de noix de coco
Corn oilL’huile de maïs
Olive oilL’huile d’olive
Rapeseed oilLe colza
Sesame oilL’huile de sésame
Sunflower oilL’huile de tournesol
Vegetable oilL’huile végétale
Walnut oilL’huile de noix
Grapeseed oilL’huile de pépins de raisin
Peanut oilL’huile d’arachide
Argan oilL’huile d’argan
Red wine vinegarVinaigre de vin rouge
White wine vinegarVinaigre de vin blanc
Balsamic vinegarVinaigre balsamique
Apple cider vinegarVinaigre de cidre
Sherry vinegarVinaigre de Xérès
Walnut vinegarVinaigre de noix
White (alcohol) vinegar – best reserved for
Vinaigre d’alcool cristal