Hi, I’m Liz: animal lover, vegan, yoga fanatic and aspiring minimalist. I live in rural south west France, where I work as a freelance academic proofreader and editor. I’m an enthusiastic vegan cook, always on the look-out for unusual ingredients and new recipes. I also love baking cakes to raise money for my favourite doggie charity, the Twilight Retirement Home for Dogs, here in France.

Like many of the English who move to France, I moved to the Back of Beyond. If you’re wondering, that’s just past the Point of No Return, right in the Middle of Nowhere. Yes, the crime rate is low, and the scenery is beautiful, but shopping for vegan food can be a challenge.

There’s no doubt that locally our vegan lifestyle is considered way beyond alternative, somewhat hippie, and tied in to excessive (unnecessary, in their minds) concern about animal welfare, climate change and eco warriors. The locals can’t quite believe that we have remained alive so long; ‘so, you don’t even eat fish then?’ is one of their favourite questions.

I love research and writing, so back in I started blogging over on Blogger with the Little Orange Notebook when I discovered Project 333 and the concept of minimalism. Since then, my blog has morphed into a personal record of the challenge of becoming a vegan in France and my culinary exploits, renamed Vivez Vegan. I decided to set up a complementary website to bring together all the information I’d gathered into one accessible resource for English-speaking committed vegans, aspiring vegans, the culinary curious and even just those who find a vegan guest at their dinner table.

My favourite lake at La Chapelle Monbrandeix